The curiosity of human beings is innate and always drives us to spend a lot of energy and money to explore unknown things. We work hard to explore the most distant galaxies in the universe, but sometimes we forget the most mysterious places in nature. It really Crocodile Skull exists in this world. What we are discussing today is the sea world!

It is a vast water area with a total ocean area of ​​361 million square kilometers including the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean and the Arctic Ocean, accounting for 71% of the Earth's surface area. Star Wars Poster Unbelievably, only 2% to 5% of the ocean area is known to the world. It is no wonder that scientists will jok that human understanding of the ocean is not as good as understanding the back of the moon. We really know how deep the ocean is. ?

In recent years, human beings have uncovered many secrets of the ocean. From the Xiaolong of our country to the research and development of various kinds of detection equipment by foreign scientists, people have discovered that there are underwater rivers in the deep sea, and methane, hydrogen sulfide and Other gases that are expelled from the ground fissure, whether you believe it or not, Bird Skull have even waterfalls in the ocean.

There are currently seven waterfalls, the largest of which has a height of more than 4,000 meters. It finally flows into the bottom of the Danish Strait. Sometimes the mysterious sea of ​​milk appears in the ocean. The name is very cute. The appearance of the milk sea is due to the accumulation of luminescent bacteria and the luminescence of the water body.

There are many magical things in the ocean. Its charm is no less than the universe. There are some places in the ocean that are very similar to black holes. At least the movement is very similar.

Scientists from Switzerland have discovered these weird places in the South Atlantic. According to the survey, these huge holes are very similar to black holes. They can inhale sea water, just like the black holes in the universe engulf light and matter, any being What is swallowed into this funnel-like place, whether it is rubbish, oil slick or even animals, will disappear into it and will not come out again. These holes will do circular motion and devour any matter that falls into it.

The phagocytic material eventually splits into countless particles. For scientists, after discovering these complicated and weird phenomena, it is easier to answer how deep the ocean is. Indeed, in recent years, oceanographers have been up and down, and have studied each corner and gap in the ocean before and after.

They measured the average depth of the ocean between 3,550 and 3,750 meters, but there is no bottom hole in this innocent water. In these places, the ground is cracked. They are called submarine depressions or trenches. The largest of these is the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean. The latest measurements show that it is as deep as 1,022 meters. Imagine that climbing Mount Everest will be easier than diving into the Mariana Trench.

Mount Everest is as high as 8,848 meters, but it is only 80% of the depth of the Mariana Trench. This extreme depth is underwater and makes it difficult for humans to get there.

We can imagine that the Mariana Trench is a huge peak in the abyss, but in fact we have seen many times what is hidden under these abyss, and a marine expedition from the United States recently passed a special Equipment, the real mountain range was found at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, and four bridge-like natural stone structures were found. These stone structures stretched for 69 kilometers, and a giant 10 cm long was found under the trench. Miliba, this mutated amoeba has amazing ability to withstand the effects of uranium, mercury and lead, which, as you know, kill other organisms.

Not only did people accurately measure its depth through instruments, but they also sneaked into the deep sea cracks more than once, where the seawater pressure was more than a thousand times that of ordinary oceans. The first person to dive was American Dona Walsh. And his Swiss companion Jacques Picard. In 1960, they dive on the "Trieste" detector. They saw not only a lot of mud at the bottom, but also many flat and weird fish, and they also saw some monsters. Later, other explorers saw fish and glowing monsters with spider legs in the deepest part of the earth. An explorer even joked that even if he found a giant Godzilla lizard in this mysterious waters, he was not surprised. .

In 2012, the famous film director James Cameron personally sneaked into this bottomless pit. Later, he objected to the amazing statement made by his predecessors. He said that he felt completely lonely when he was in the Mariana Trench. There is no living thing there, let alone a monster, and a feeling of being completely isolated from human beings. This feeling makes this brave explorer and film director feel great fear.

The researchers studied the only bacteria that lived in geothermal hot springs, which could enter the seabed five kilometers, so they suspected that the sea could reach the same depth because it was obvious that the bacteria Can't survive outside the water, which proves that there is a huge water area at the bottom of the ocean. It is like a reservoir. It supplements the sea water and connects the oceans. It seems that this is not the case. The bottom of the second layer is likely to have a third. Layer, it is difficult to imagine how many layers are there in the sea floor? How deep is it? But one thing is clear, no one can reach the deepest part of the bottom of the ocean.

In fact, our beautiful ocean will evaporate in a day. If you believe Stephen Hawking, the ocean will be evaporated for at least 1 billion years due to climate warming, but because of our damage to the earth, this disaster is also It may come within a hundred years. If we continue to ruin our planet, the temperature will rise sharply, the greenhouse effect will reach the terrible limit, the surface water may be evaporated quickly, and the seabed will be unobstructed. And humans cannot survive in such an environment.

But if things are just the opposite? Global floods have replaced the global drought? Of course, our ocean will one day dry up, but the time is still very long. More likely, in the near future, the sea level will rise and the seawater will be poured into the land. Scientists have been emphasizing that sea levels have continued to rise. Since 1992, sea levels have risen by nearly 8 centimetres. There are two main reasons for sea level rise, rising water temperatures and melting of polar glaciers.

According to the latest research by NASA scientists, the sea level rises faster than they had expected. According to their predictions, by 2100, the ocean depth will be deepened by 0.3-0.9 meters. If this continues, the depth of the ocean It will continue to deepen, and humans will never know the depth of the ocean. All island countries and most of the United States, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Poland, Spain, and Japan will be inundated at the end of this century.

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